Dynamic Creativity for Business and Personal Growth

I write or edit websites, ad and marketing copy, video scripts, articles, blogs and press releases. As a producer/director I focus on cost effective video for your website and business communications. My creativity consulting services for individuals or businesses are designed to improve creative and solution oriented thinking.  — Daniel Hime
Create Naturally (CN) is the title of my forthcoming book, seminars and online course. CN concepts and exercises are what I infuse into client services to promote more conscious and dynamic creativity. My work is the result of decades of research and hundreds of pages of writing. CN consulting or classes include techniques, insights and exercises to improve creativity skills.
Business programs are customized to address specific challenges as well as encourage a creative culture within the company.

Invest in yourself or business by enhancing creative confidence, skills and knowledge

Through progressive and customized programs I can assist a wide range of personal or business goals.
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Client Services

Cost effective results with a creative flair is the goal for all writing, marketing and media production services. Creativity consulting is customized to dramatically improve creativity in different areas of life or business. Enhancing creativity yields long term benefits.
Please see the ABOUT Page for my mission, story and unusual resume. The PORTFOLIO page expands on the story and provides writing, video and photography samples.

Strategic Alliances

Professional relationships are vitally important to achieve excellent results for clients. The resources of Hime Photography, my brother’s studio in Sarasota, are available for a variety of commercial projects, design and promotion. I also have business relationships with a variety of video production companies, printers and designers throughout the state of Florida.

Create Naturally Lectures, Classes, Seminars and Products

Keynote speeches, various classes and seminars are available and will be announced via newsletters and posted on this site. Currently available in Southwest Florida. Would your company benefit from a keynote speech? Call or email for topic list, customizing options and rates.

Create Naturally programs and consulting feature:

  • Focusing creative energy from positive values and inspiration
  • Numerous creative thinking techniques and concepts to achieve goals and desires
  • Unique Imagination and Visualization Exercises to solve challenges and innovate
  • A dynamic new model of Creative Process


Blogs will be on a variety of topics – creativity, the state of the world, photo journalism and more – featured on MY BLOGS page. All pages except this Home Page show archived blogs.

Create Naturally Publications

Below is a draft cover for the first book. My lectures and classes are based on this work.