I am dedicated to helping individuals and businesses explore, enhance and express creativity. Individuals can lead more fulfilling and productive lives and businesses can grow and innovate with more dynamic internal creative cultures.
Encouraging people to develop creative skills for improving personal, cultural or commercial endeavors for a better world is the essence of the mission. 


My career has been continually interrupted and set back by a variety of disasters – earthquake in California; stranded in Guatemala; house burned down in Gainesville, Florida;  Hurricane Irma, etc. My research and writing about creativity began as a reaction – to consider how to re-create my life. I soon realized the work could benefit many others. I believe my eclectic background has the potential to benefit different careers and businesses.
In 1980 I founded an advertising agency in Santa Cruz, CA and serviced a wide variety of clients by writing copy and supervising designers and printers. I became very interested in motion pictures and began moving my career in that direction as well. The epicenter of the big earthquake in 1989 was very close to my home in the mountains and prompted a move to Florida.
If you scroll to near the bottom and move upward you will find my life has been a series of projects – quite a range of experience and challenges. 
Most of my professional writing in computers was destroyed by fire, but there are various writing samples on the Portfolio page. There are also links to a few video productions throughout the resume and at the bottom of the Portfolio. Additional writing examples are on MY BLOG.
Please feel free to ask me about any of the projects below and how those experiences might benefit you.


To put extensive writing, editing, marketing, sales and media production skills to work for select clients, motion picture or video productions.
To consult with businesses or individuals on creativity and innovation based on my research, writings and lectures.


Decades of client and personal project experience have helped me develop a wide range of skills, knowledge and problem solving abilities. I have supervised artists and crew on a variety of projects and productions. My creativity and communication skills have been well tested and I look forward to new challenges.


Much of 2017 was spent remodeling and settling into new home in Bradenton, Florida. I also built this website and continued work on CREATE NATURALLY.  In 2018 I began working with some new clients on short projects: book editing, marketing consulting and photography.
Marketing Publicist, Writer/Editor and Website Builder – for Professor Robert Bowie, prolific author. I have researched numerous markets for books, organized an author book reading and wrote or edited marketing copy for the website and marketing emails. Edited his latest book for content. Designed book cover for Gogol’s Head. 2015 – December 2017
Producer – promotional video for the Farm to Family Music Festival. 2016. Link to video:
Creativity Consultant, Lecturer, Writer and Seminar Presenter CREATE NATURALLY. A multifaceted business – forthcoming book, ebook, multi-media products and seminars. Have lectured publicly and lead imagination exercises at retreats in Tallahassee, Gainesville and Malabar, FL.
Marketing Consultant, Technical Director – for Cinema Verde Environmental Film and Art Festivals. Presented all the films from 2012 through 2016 at annual festivals and also for some monthly events. Organized staff and volunteers and helped erect temporary theaters 2012-2016.
Script Consultant for Scott Littler’s short film Wide Spread. Scott and I also shot a short for the city of Cedar Key after hurricane devastation to help raise money. Video link at bottom. 2015-2016
Advertising Sales and Video Production – lead sales person for program ad sales for the Farm to Family Music Festivals. Have shot or produced videos of numerous musical acts. 2010-2012, 2015. Produced promotional video for 2016 fest. See link above.
Marketing Consultant and Writer/Editor – for Fitness Pursuits in Jacksonville, FL 2015-2016
Equestrian Videographer/Photographer – shot both video and still photography for numerous equestrian events (dressage, stadium jumping, cross country) throughout the East Coast for Palmer Video/Photo. 2002-2015
Account Executive – Natural Awakenings magazine. Sold Ads. October 2013 – May 2014
Website Builder and Host – No longer an active site, owner changed career direction. July 2014
Writer/Marketing and Design Consultant – for Diarmuid, Inc. – publishers of Great Leaps educational products. Re-wrote, edited and did design consulting with the webmaster for website upgrade; also created numerous ads and marketing materials. Supervised design sub-contractors. 2011-2013 Link at bottom.
Cast Organizer – assembled 20 extras and performed for a segment of Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. Shot in Gainesville, FL in December 2010.
Writer/Webmaster – wrote and designed websites for American Star Water, Fine Images Printing and Publishing. Re-wrote Alarion website copy; re-wrote web site for Hime Photography in Sarasota, FL. 2009
Writer for Mirador Studios – wrote three scripts for one DVD and worked on the video production of The Oaks of Lake City – a 1200 acre real estate development (demo below). Wrote script for Monterey Boats 320 Sport Yacht for video streaming on the web. Also consulted on and helped write three feature motion picture scripts for Mirador.  Helped write business plan and did location scouting on one script. 2006-2009
Writing Consultant for GT Productions – a short fiction script and a documentary. Also assisted on video productions. 2009
Writer/Producer – developing feature motion picture scripts and documentaries. 2008 – Current.
Set Designer – for Mirador Studios production of a national infomercial for Bestline Products. Also designed and built sets for Dupree Films production – Threshold. (IMDB credit) 2007
Advertising Sales – sold and designed display ads for St. George Publishing for the annual magazine of the Gainesville-Alachua County Association of Realtors. 2003
Advertising Sales and Community Research – sold advertising for community posters and prints for Community Creations. Projects completed in Gainesville, Ocala, Deland, Brandon and Sarasota. 1999-2001
Construction Sales and Design – sold sun and screen rooms, pool enclosures, windows and siding in Gainesville. 1997-1999
Writer/Videographer – shot numerous videotapes of musician Stefanie Kitts’ recovery from coma and auto accident; wrote three articles about her “Healing Journey”; tutored her and co-wrote major speech for presentation at Suzuki Method World Convention. Presented ideas for television movie on her story to Hollywood producers. 1995-2001
Videographer – Kitts Family Annual Christmas Concerts; numerous Suzuki Children’s Concerts; five week shoot of the Ocala Horse Show (HITS) at Golden Hills;  “Grease” and “L’il Abner” at Oak Hall School; artist Eric Amundson’s work; six theatrical productions at Acrosstown Repertory Theater; Hanta Yo School of Conscious Movement Gainesville, Fl 1995-2005
Writer/Producer – wrote “Success Scenes” a workbook and seminar program for teenagers to write their own plays. Trained adult acting coaches to assist at Acrosstown Repertory Theater. This was funded by a state grant through the Alachua County Sheriff’s Department. 1995
Teacher – “Acting for the Camera” classes – eight sessions at the Girl’s Club of Alachua County. 1995
Writer/Producer/Director – for educational marketing video in both English and Chinese for Citac Computer Co. Also extensive international marketing research for Citac’s Chinese translation and education computers. 1994
Videographer – Country Western Musical TV Pilot for Connie Willis of K92 Radio in Orlando, FL. 1994
Videographer – shot grand opening of The Junction Night Club (the old Dubs) and numerous events and rock bands over three week period. Also shot the Wallenda Family Circus and missionary Ellie Hein. 1994
Lecturer – presented two lectures with accompanying slides and video on the rain forests and cultures of Mexico and Central America at the University of Florida and the University of South Florida. 1993-1994
Videographer/Researcher – on a six-month journey to Mexico and Central America. Sailed from Sarasota, FL to Mexico, Belize, and the inland jungle waterways of Guatemala. Multi-purpose media, business, and writing journey. 1992
Writer/Producer – three television commercials for Scene Magazine in Sarasota, FL. 1992
Writer  three video scripts for Wellcraft Marine in Sarasota. Also co-directed video shooting in the different boat manufacturing facilities. 1991
Writer/Director  “Pillars of a Nation – The Work of Jim Daly” – nine minute documentary and two national television commercials for Mill Pond Press, Venice, FL. 1991
Writer/Producer/Director – “Going Beyond – The Future of Travel Agency Marketing” – twelve-minute marketing video, then shot a three-hour training video and provided management consulting for Profit Plus Associates, Inc., Sarasota, FL 1991


Client services based in Santa Cruz, CA. Significant 1990 projects:
Videographer – Architects Association of Santa Cruz County – California Emergency Design Assistance Team Conference video on re-designing downtown after 1989 earthquake.
Freelance Audio Visual – Ancha Audio Video – free-lance for National Radio and Television News Director’s Convention. 1989
Writing and Media Producer – Rain Song Party Boats – video, photography, advertising and design projects. 1987- 1988.
Construction Coordinator – Global Youth Resource Organization’s giant movie scene and haunted house attraction within a mall. 1988
Co-Producer/Director – forty-minute video of five musical acts for Quiet Spirit Music Productions, Santa Cruz, CA. 1988


Construction Coordinator/Art Director – “Deadlock” – feature film (not released) – Cinemasque Pictures, San Rafael, CA 1988
Art Department – “The Dead Pit” – feature film – Film Light Productions, Santa Cruz, CA. 1988
Production Designer – “The Vineyard” – feature film – Northstar Productions, San Jose, CA. 1988 (IMDB credit)


Advertising Sales/Design – Best Performance – Media Directory of Monterey Bay Area. 1987-1988
Construction & Sales – Solar Living Under Glass – sold 16 Four Seasons Sun Rooms for residential additions. Also designed and built several custom sun rooms, decks, and interior projects. Los Gatos, California. 1985-1987
Advertising Sales/Design – Inter-Sight Communications – publishers of media directories and magazines for Los Gatos, San Jose and San Francisco areas. 1984-1985
Writer/Field Director – Video of “Great Western Ultralight Aircraft Rally and Airshow” at Lake Elsinor, CA. 1984
Production Assistant – videos of “World Flying Disc Championships” in Santa Cruz, CA. 1982 & 1983
Videographer – several industrial videos, weddings, concerts, and community television in CA. 1982-1983
Writer/Producer/Presenter – “Carnaval at Ceiba” – musical slide show with  my adventure stories about traveling in Honduras including the documenting of the 1982 Gran Carnaval Nacional in Honduras. 1982 & 1989
Media Production/Adventurer – Two trips to Honduras, Central America. On the second trip I recorded the Gran Carnaval Nacional (2 weeks of music) and had photographer Steven Enzer shoot hundreds of slides of trip. 1981 & 1982
Founder/Owner of HIME’S – Advertising Agency – provided comprehensive copy writing, printing and marketing services for extensive client list. Santa Cruz, CA. 1980-1984
Print Sales – Just Forms – Printing Brokerage. San Rafael, CA. 1979-1980
Editor and Marketing – University of the Trees Press. Boulder Creek, CA. 1974-1977
House Parent – Oddfellows-Rebekah Children’s Home Gilroy, CA. 1974-75 and a weekend shift in 1980.
Contributing Editor (salaried) – The Post – Ohio University’s daily paper. Athens, Ohio. Wrote numerous articles on wide variety of topics and edited cub reporters.  1969-1970


I have attended numerous seminars and continue to do research on many topics for ongoing personal and professional growth.
Startup Quest Entrepreneurial Training – completed 10 week intensive training program through Florida Works and the University of Florida Office of Technology Licensing. 2011
Cinematography/Advanced Cinematography – Gene Evans 1985 & 1988
Videography – Video Production/Editing – How to Shoot a TV Commercial 1984
Scriptwriting – Lawrence Mencken 1979
University of the Trees Boulder Creek, CA – Publishing and Personal Growth Studies 1974-1977
Ohio University – Athens, OH – Bachelor’s Degree 1967-1971


Extra on “Deadlock”; “Kiss Shot” starring Whoopi Goldberg; “When Your Lover Leaves” starring Elliot Gould.
Comedy Model – Large color photos to accompany two different feature articles in San Jose Mercury newspaper. 1988-1989


Manasota Films Networking Group – 2017 – Current
North Florida Video Production Professionals – 2014 – Current
Professional Media Network (PMN) of San Jose, CA. 1985-1987
Monterey Bay PMN (Co-founder) 1988-1989
References available upon request.

Worked with the webmaster to re-design and re-write the Great Leaps website.
Mike Boehlein re-wrote some of the Home Page when he moved over to Alta Systems, but the other pages are from my original writings for his former company Fine Images.
The Oaks of Lake City has gone through major changes since I wrote 3 scripts and was on the video production team. Their website no longer posts the original videos, but some of the production video can be accessed. I wrote all the scripts for Lauren Nordvig to speak and then coached dressage instructor Shelley Van de Neste to speak extemporaneously.
I am in the process of posting additional writing and script samples and I can email some original WORD files. All hard copies and original video tapes were destroyed by fire Feb. 1st 2017 at my former home in Gainesville, FL. Feel free to ask any questions about my experience.
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Scott Littler and I spontaneously produced the video below to help raise donations for Cedar Key after hurricane destruction.