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Create Naturally is a journey that encourages you to explore, enhance and express creativity in more conscious and proactive ways. A journey to explore creativity will improve your thinking skills, confidence and knowledge. Creativity is a natural ability and really can be enhanced to benefit numerous endeavors and expressions. There is much to explore to boost personal growth and creative ability for a more fulfilling life.
Create Naturally (CN) is purposely designed to be general and progressive – yet elicit very personal expressions, insights and solutions to improve life, career and business. This journey is for inventors, entrepreneurs, artists, business people, scientists, homemakers, youth and virtually anyone with goals, challenges and desires. You can improve personal life and the world around you by becoming more creative. CN encourages creative thoughts and activities to realize dreams, overcome challenges and innovate. Whatever career or roles you have adopted embracing a dynamic creative lifestyle will be beneficial.
I believe exploring creativity is one of the most important pursuits you can undertake – and the benefits will continue for the rest of your life.

The Journey & Create Naturally Action Journal

On journeys keeping a journal of progress, discoveries and insights can be critical to success. In the modern era journaling can take different forms – from hand written notes to advanced multi-media documentation. At the end of each chapter in the book or at classes there are questions and exercises to help develop self-knowledge and trigger creative ideas. There are imagination exercises that will stretch your mind and perceptions. Sometimes journal questions will be in the text for you to begin contemplating and will also be repeated at chapter ends.
Consider a journal as a form of displayed thinking. Documenting your journey in the Create Naturally Action Journal will benefit you. This book is much more than an intellectual read – it is an interactive journey and working with your journal is vital to growth.
Jotting down ideas in a notebook will suffice. A digital journal using your software of choice also works. Audio or video recordings may be your choice for chronicling. Pencil sketches or sophisticated full color paintings and anything in between are encouraged. You can be wild and free. You may create the world’s next best inventions by ideas started in this journal. Or discover ways to improve relationships, home life or achieve business goals. Your insights can help to create solutions and opportunities for family or associates too and that is a key to personal fulfillment.
Frankly, the world needs more worthwhile creativity.

The Dynamic Cycle of Questions and Answers

A fundamental principle of Create Naturally is recognizing the importance of questions to prompt creative thinking. Intelligent questions lead to creative answers and discovery. Questions are at the heart of creativity. They elicit surprising answers and worthwhile solutions. Questions and answers are a natural cycle that has propelled creativity and cultural evolution since the first cave dwellers. Perhaps a cave dweller artist drew the first symbols for this phenomenon:


I suspect there were a lot of surprising answers our early ancestors discovered from – How? Why? What is this? Should I run now?
Creativity is often initiated and stimulated by questions and answers. The journal workbook has many questions and you are encouraged to formulate your own questions about specific desires. The quality of questions and answers dramatically influences quality of life.
The questioning mind is curious and open and curiosity is an important attitude – a desirable state of being. States of being conducive to creativity are very important and we will begin exploring how inspiration, values, imagination, emotions and attitudes positively affect creativity. They are all valuable tools on the journey and will provide energy and insight. Let’s consider a very important question:

What is Creativity?

There are many definitions and descriptions about creativity and one of my favorites is taken from the book THE MAGIC OF THINKING BIG By David J. Schwartz. He writes:
“Creative thinking is simply finding new, improved ways to do anything.”
Anything!!! That is such an open way of looking at creativity. Let’s look at more definitions to help clarify. From one dictionary:
Bring about by a course of action or behavior
To produce through imaginative skill
Cause, Design, Invent, Originate
Making something better
To bring into existence
All of these dictionary definitions are exciting and even motivational. Improving one’s creative abilities just sounds like a fun and worthwhile way to improve the quality of life.
What is the source of creativity and creative thoughts? There are many theories that can be explored but our primary emphasis is on direct experiences that lead to fulfilling results.
We are not going to do a deep dive into neuroscience but an awareness of the latest brain science may foster confidence in your ability to develop dynamic creative skills. In the past many scientists believed creativity predominantly arose from the right hemisphere of the brain and the left hemisphere was more logical. Current studies indicate there are actually four hemispheres to consider and the interactive connectivity of the hemispheres may allow for the highest degrees of creativity. There are two hemispheres of the cerebrum and two of the cerebellum.  Interaction prompts the imagination and creative thinking. Exploring and consciously enhancing your creative abilities is exercise for your brain hemispheres.
Using the whole brain and increasing the communication between hemispheres is a goal for enhanced creative thinking. There are a variety of ways to do this with mental, emotional and spiritual techniques. Physical exercise is also beneficial to higher functioning creativity. Aerobic motion seems to be a key to increasing connectivity or communication between the hemispheres. Effectively integrating brain hemispheres is at the forefront of the evolution of creative thinking.
We humans are supposed to be creative beings. Creating is an essential aspect of our fundamental nature. There are many ways to accomplish a conscious and dynamic creative lifestyle and we are on a journey to explore and develop as many ways as we can. Embarking on a creativity journey will benefit brain functioning. You will develop new neural pathways as you exercise your brain.
Create Naturally is about increasing creative skills and confidence generally and also very much about using creativity to improve the quality of your life.
Creativity can be a logical process as well as a spontaneous occurrence. Creativity can be consciously directed as a sequential process as well as express mysteriously and spontaneously. Chapter 3 presents a multi-dimensional model of creative process that elaborates on the dual nature of creativity: logical/cyclical and spontaneous/mysterious.